Steven Langston is a naturalist with roots well established in art. Nautical Art is the latest addition to Steven's collection of themes and styles. He truly represents his colorful personality in art by using all the colors that we all share together. Now, at 55, Steven uses Aluminum as his canvas and light as his focus.

Privately, Steven uses God and his lighthouse and heart as his boat. Believing that humility is key, Steven only hopes to make one smile with art he creates.

About NautiReflections

Always the best in QUALITY.

NautiRefection uses only the best quality clear and coloring techniques.

Made In The USA

NautiReflections is so very proud to be a provider of 100% USA artwork. Our South Florida location is perfect for the Nautical Theme based art that I so love to create.

You wont be dissappointed!

NautiReflections offers premium indoor/outdoor aluminum artworks that has a beauty undefinable. Made to capture light, you'll never see it twice the same way.

The Results

Jellies Reflection

Horses Reflection

The Ship Reflection

Our  Compass Program Directly Supports The Turtle Hospital Located on Matathon Key. NautiReflections donates a precentage of its show profits to help this worthy cause. Join us in this fight to save a true Florida native!

Thank You and May God Bless All Your Days